Unlock cash rewards: Earn Loyalty points on Africhange

Earn Loyalty points with Africhange.
Earn Loyalty points on Africhange.

In our ongoing commitment to improving user satisfaction, much beyond the provision of affordable international remittances, convenient bill payment for users in Canada, and numerous money transfer benefits, we are now happy to launch a new feature (Afripoint) that will reward all users with Loyalty points for every transaction. These points when accumulated can be converted into exclusive cash rewards and withdrawn directly into your Africhange wallet. 

To learn more about Africhange’s Loyalty points (Afripoints), read below.

What are Africhange’s Loyalty points?

Africhange’s Loyalty points are known as Afripoints. They are rewards that users earn for every transaction they make on Africhange. Think of them as cash rewards that are exclusive to you for making a transaction. Thus, in addition to enjoying the best exchange rates and value for your transactions, you will also earn Afripoints for using Africhange. 

How do I earn Loyalty points on Africhange?

To earn loyalty points on Africhange, you only need to create an Africhange account by signing up on the web or by downloading Africhange from your App Store. Then you make a transaction and watch your Loyalty points (Afripoints) grow. For each time you transact, you earn Afripoints, and the more you transact, the more you earn.

What is the value of my Loyalty point?

Africhange’s loyalty points (Afripoints) have different worths depending on the country you are transacting from. If you are a Canadian user on Africhange; 1 Afripoint = 0.05 CAD. For Africhange Nigerian users; 1 Afripoint = 20 NGN, and for Africhange Australian users; 1 Afripoint = 0.05 AUD.

NOTE: Africhange reserves the sole right to change the value of Afripoint depending on market conditions and as the company deems fit.

How do I withdraw my Loyalty points?

Accumulating and withdrawing loyalty points (Afripoint) on Africhange is easy and straightforward. With every transaction, your Afripoints are obtained and accumulated on your dashboard under the Rewards & Achievements tab. At any time you wish, you can withdraw them straight into your Africhange wallet. 

Can I give out my Africhange Loyalty points?

No, your Afripoints cannot be gifted to others. However, you can withdraw your loyalty points (Afripoint) into your Africhange Wallet and send the money equivalent to anyone you wish.

How do I earn more Loyalty points?

To earn more loyalty points, you need to transact more. You can also earn Afripoints as monthly streak rewards for making 5 transactions per month consecutively for 3 months. If you reach your transaction limit at any time, simply apply in-app for an account upgrade to transact more.

Send USD to over 100 countries with ease on Africhange
Send USD to over 100 countries with ease on Africhange

In conclusion, to unlock cash rewards and earn loyalty points on Africhange, simply send money to any country on Africhange. Remember that you can send USD to over 100 countries in Europe, Asia, America, and Africa. Also, you can send money from Nigeria to Canada and vice versa, Nigeria to Ghana, Australia to Nigeria and vice versa, and many other countries all at the best rates. If you are schooling in Canada, do well to apply for the Student Advantage program to enjoy student rates and other benefits too.

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