Money Talks With a Growth Marketer

A picture describing the relationship between money and time
“My monthly allowance in university was five thousand naira and I gave my girlfriend two thousand five hundred naira every month.”

This is the unconventional conventional money talks with Africhange.

Time is money, and each day we exist in a never ending loop of being more lucrative. To win the race against the clock, here are some personal tips on Money and Finance from a Growth Marketer.

Tega Gabriel is a tech millennial who sometimes acts like a baby boomer. He is a fair mix of funny and serious with some dash of playfulness. Tega is smart and manages Marketing & Growth for a Canadian-Nigerian tech company which aids cross-border remittances across different parts of Africa, North America and the world at large. When he is not working, he is watching or reading anything on philosophy, psychology or mythology.

How did you get into your profession

I was introduced to Digital marketing by a friend. At the outset, I took a Google Digital Marketing course and learnt all I could about the field. Growth and success generally makes me feel good and being a marketer is how I relish in that feeling of excitement.

What is it like growing a business and what does it entail

Growing a business involves a whole lot. It’s like having a child, you have to dedicate financial, mental, and physical resources to it and even then you are not sure how it will turn out. Especially in a unique climate like Nigeria’s, where you can be doing everything right and then one day the government places a restriction on your business. Lol. This is the reality of many growth marketers.

Please share some financial tips that you practice

  • If you need to acquire something or address a concern that requires a lot of money, rather than saving out of your existing income, create a new income stream to service that need.
  • Use loans for investments and not for liabilities. Also, never borrow more than you can repay in four months with your existing income.
  • Spending on things that makes you happy is a great incentive to making more money. Try to dey enjoy sometimes.

Which do you enjoy more; making or spending money

This is tough, but I think I enjoy making money. I like to look at my account and see money inside, it’s not as much as I would like but we are working on it. As for spending money, I like to spend on things that make me happy like giveaways in my small online community and eating overpriced Lagos food😂

How often do you save

Seeing as I would rather make money to cater to my needs, I can't say  I save enough. I think what people see as saving is putting aside money that could have been spent now so that it can  be spent in the future, and that’s fine. I’m not a frivolous or impulsive spender but I would rather spend money on things I want, when I want...if I can afford it.

How often do you think about money

I do think a lot about money, I wonder what it takes to not think a lot about money. Do you think Elon thinks about money often?

How do you balance saving and investing

Investing is the driver, Savings- the passenger. I only save what is left after investing.

Do you think money can be a good drive to a successful career life

Money is a catalyst and plays a big role in doing the work you love. Also, it can serve as a good incentive to a career.  Take for instance; Tech, many people are in it for the money and that’s fine.

How has your experience with money been?

It’s been interesting. In university, I received five thousand naira a month, and gave my girlfriend two thousand naira out of it. To balance that and more, I created multiple streams of income, from taking freelance writing gigs to teaching difficult courses, I found a way to make more money. Now I am much better financially, but I learnt a lot.

How do you prefer to pay for purchases?

With a card.

Interpret the saying; “Money does not grow on trees” in your words

Money isn’t easy to find, trees are easy to find. If money grew on trees, we would all have a plantation or something.

Do you pay black tax?

Yes I do

Prenup or No Prenup?


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