Money Talks with a Product Manager

Money Talks with a Product Manager

A perfect blend of family and work, building products gives Chisom cosmic joy, the kind that can only be topped by spending time with family. When it comes to money, she is enrapt. In her words.

To make money, you need to provide value, except you are from a privileged home, and even that, someone is providing value for it.

Please share your name and tell us what you do

I am Chisom and I’m a product manager. I build tech products, and seeing them succeed in the market gives me joy.

How did you decide to go into your profession?

I have always been entrepreneurial, and product management is a mix of entrepreneurship and technology. Someday, I hope to build my own apps/saas and take it from zero to zeros…if you get what I mean.

Do you love your job?

Quite rhetoric isn’t it, if I wasn’t building products, I really don’t know what I would be doing. And for me, it’s more than just the finished work, I enjoy the entire process from start to when it goes live and even after the product is live.

What are some financial tips that you practice

  • Set aside a certain amount of money every month for savings or investments. It doesn’t need to be much, but something that can give you a soft landing or increase your earning potential in future.
  • Find ways to make your money work passively for you. This is really important, one way to escape poverty is to make your money work even when you don’t.
  • Save more than you spend.

Making or Spending money: which do you enjoy more?

I enjoy making money more than I do spending. Maybe it is a long term effect of being intentional about attaining financial freedom.

Do you think you save enough?

Yes, although I don’t think I make enough..

How often do you think about money

I think a lot more about my future plans, but those plans need money to achieve them. So it's a fine line.

How do you balance saving and investing

For me, everything is largely dependent on the economy and my personal plans. Right now, I save more than I invest because of my short term goals.

Do you think money can be a good drive to a successful work career

Definitely yes, money motivates almost everyone and you really don’t want to be less productive at work because you are thinking of money.

A memorable experience you had with money

There used to be a time when I was a chronic saver, I would undergo long intense discomfort just to save some money, thankfully not anymore. Now I still save and invest, but I spoil myself occasionally too, and to a degree I prioritize my comfort too.

One financial decision you would make if you could go back in time

I would invest heavily in crypto in the early 2000s.

How do you prefer to pay for purchases?

With transfers.

How would you respond to a question on how much you earn?

Do you want to triple it?

Prenup or No prenup

It actually depends. If you two don’t have much and are growing together, What’s there to prenup? but if one partner is really rich, then it is more understandable.

Thank you for reading, and learning about money with a Product Manager. You can also learn more about money with a Growth Marketer too.