Sending Money without Exchange Locations

By Usang Iso

Theophilus moved to Canada many years ago. When he first migrated he was younger and not too eager to send money home. Now he’s been working for over a decade with the Toronto Transit Commission and sending money home to his loved ones in Nigeria has become a habit he simply cannot stop. Here, he tells us a bit of his Africhange story:

What is your name and where do you live?

My name is Theophilus Sopurum and I live in Toronto, Canada.

What do you do for a living?

For many years I have worked with TTC- Toronto Transit Commission- as a Subway Vehicle Technician. My job is quite similar to an Industrial mechanic. Amongst other things I inspect, and run both preventive and repair maintenance on subway trains. 

I am proud of what I do, it is an honest living and it pays the bills.

What brought you to Africhange?

Before I discovered Africhange, I used to drive sometimes 54km with cash to different exchange locations. It was very inconvenient and stressful, until one day I was chatting with my best friend who referred Africhange to me. I also checked them out on facebook and decided to try them.

What do you use your Africhange account for?

I use my account to send remittances home or transfer funds with ease  from Canada to my Nigerian bank account.

How has your experience with Africhange been?

It is so easy and convenient. Sometimes I lay in the comfort of my bed and within seconds send money to my Nigerian account. It works like magic. Africhange saves me time and money, it is truly incredible. 

How long have you been using Africhange?

I have enjoyed Africhange services  for over a year now and I have no intention of stopping.

How has Africhange helped in other areas of your life and business?

I no longer need to risk myself travelling long distances with cash again. 

It is also easier to carry out different business projects in Nigeria as I can easily send money with ease.

Would you recommend Africhange to someone?

Yes I would.

You can connect with Theophilus on his LinkedIn to chat and exchange more Africhange stories.


Africhange is a remittance company that leverages blockchain technology to offer a seamless way for cross-border payments. We aim to transform the way people send money to North America and Africa. Though currently serving only a few countries in our Africa corridor, we are determined to extend operations to all African countries. 
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